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Open Farm Autumn 2024

Sunday 24th March 2024 11am - 3pm

Autumn is a wonderful time to be out and about on the farm. Babies are due imminently and the weather is often perfect as is forecast this weekend. Additionally you can really feel as if you are contributing to the welfare of these lovely animals. We use funds from our open days to ensure that even when pastures are dry and barren, we can buy the best quality food to top up. Our animals are fed a delicious mix of chaff and lupins and soyabean meal and all sorts of yummy supplements to top up a plentiful supply of pasture hay obtained locally.

We encourage you to pop on a hat, slap on some sunscreen and pack up a picnic for a wonderful day on the farm. See you Sunday!!

alpacas and chickens
Alpacas make great chicken guards

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